About SGS Customs

SGS Custom Firearms, LLC was established in 2018 and is now a family owned and operated business. I have always had a love for cars, motorcycles and firearms - however stock has never been acceptable. I have personally modified all my cars and motorcycles thru the years so that each were one of a kind statement makers’, both in performance and appearance. Why drive or ride something everyone has?

I have applied that passion and thought to the firearms industry, your guns do not have to be black or identical to the shooter next to you at the range. Most of us will never use our firearms other than to go on a hunt, take target practice or educate ourselves in defense training classes - why not have fun and reflect your individual personality while doing it.

We treat each firearm as if it was our own, we build each firearm to maximize functionality and at the same time to reflect the personality of our client - no two we build are the same - it is yours, be proud to own it and be proud to show it off at the range because we are damn proud we built it.

Remember Stock Guns Suck!